Dr Drum – Online Beat Maker Review And Bonus


What Is Dr Drum?

Dr Drum is a beat making program designed for those who want to make beats but just don’t know how/where to start, which might be your case. People making their own backing tracks will find Dr Drum very useful, and the same is true for hobbyists and beginner beat makers. You can use Dr Drum even if you know nothing about making music or music theory. If you want to produce any kind of music quite easily, Dr Drum is for you. Dr Drum also makes possible for you to re-ignite your powerful creativity if you are a music producer.

Easy to Use

With an easy to use interface and good-looking design, Dr Drum will allow you to produce some bangers quite easily. Though this beat maker isn’t too advanced, you will be able to do your job properly in no time.

Even though the software is limited, it doesn’t mean it is bad at all. Remember that some awesome songs have been made with pieces of equipment that had very limited capabilities.

These limitations, which can be found in any online beat maker, are a blessing in disguise because you will work to get what you want with limited features enhancing your creativity over time.

Fast Job

You will be able to do your job fast because of the limited features this software has. As you will not be overwhelmed by too many features, you will start out to make music right away.

Dr Drum allows you to churn out music without any of the complicated functions and controls of digital audio workstations or DAWs. And this is one of the perks of this piece of software. In addition, this software is very affordable.

Though this beat maker isn’t Logic or FL Studio, it is the right tool for any beginner in the music field out there.





Newbie-friendly Design

Newbies will enjoy this piece of software because they will be able to learn all the basics of arrangement, effects, beat making, sequencing and more. Drawing notes, choosing an instrument and drawing in a section are easy-to-do tasks.

Producing professional, real music has never been easier thanks to this piece of software, which can make all the stuff that other DAWs can in no time.

You can even have a professional engineer to master and mix your WAV-exported files so that you can polish your material.

Tons of Features

Dr Drum has a wide range of featuring including a 16-track mixer which includes basic low/mid/high EQ, volume fader and pan settings. The software also comes with a drum sequence featuring individual volume controls.

In addition, you can even upload your music to YouTube in no time adding tons of sounds right away. There are also many sounds that you can use so that you can start out making awesome beats in no time. In fact, the software comes with 292 melodic sounds, 48 bass sounds and 44 drum kits.

Should I buy Dr Drum?

Dr Drum has everything you need to make amazing music right away. For instance, it has 16 track sequencers that will allow you to use tons of instrument sets for your production. Choosing the right sounds for your music is easy, as you just have to take them into a sequences window.

There are also many pre-made drum kits that you can pick up from 12 drum sections. You can even use sounds that you have made or bought on the Web. Isn’t it amazing? Yes, it is. So you should buy this software now.

Remember that Dr Drum allows you to make the type of music any DJ can do on the fly. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg in costly equipment and training to get the high quality beats you want. If you wish to produce professional sounding tracks avoiding the technical aptitude that many beat making software require, Dr Drum is for you.

In addition, this piece of software has a huge library of shapes and samples that you can use to make stellar beats in no time. So what are you waiting for? Buy it now.

Since most of the samples that you will find inside Dr Drum are commonly used, you will be up-to-date with what’s going on out there. Moreover, this piece of software’s price is unbeatable. However, advanced users will find the software rather limited when it comes to mastering and mixing. Anyway, this software does a great job over time.

With an affordable price and easy-to-learn features, Dr Drum is here to stay. The software also comes with a strong money-back guarantee which allows you to get your money back if you aren’t happy with it.

The software has some of the best beat making software sounds that you will hear in your life. With wicked sounds and tons of bass sounds, you will get the high quality beats you have been waiting for. Since you will enjoy a huge database of expertly crafted sounds, you will have a lot of fun when using this piece of software.


– Decent customer support.
– Tons of features.
– You will be able to share your music to the world.
– You can even develop any video if you like.
– Users can also personalize their own videos by using pictures.
– The software comes with tons of video tutorials that allow you to make outstanding beats quickly and easily.
– Making techno, trance, hypnotic, jungle and hiphop beats has never been easier.
– There are no hidden fees or monthly charges, as you will only have to pay for the software once.
– The software’s future upgrades are free of charge.


– There are no undo buttons that can let you erase sounds when dropped into the interface.
– You won’t become a professional music maker just by buying this piece of software.


Dr Drum is the affordable, easy-to-use beat maker that you have been waiting for. Remember that this beat-making software has a newbie-friendly design as well as tons of features that will allow you to produce outstanding beats quickly and easily. Are you a beginner in the music field that needs to produce music fast and easily?

Then Dr Drum is the beat maker you should buy right away. In fact, this software defeats any online beat maker out there.

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What Do We Look For In The Best Beat Making Software?

What Makes A Beat Making Software Great?


So what exactly are we looking for in a Online Beat Maker? Well we are looking for a lot of features, and a beat software that is easy to use and learn. We want a software that requires little of experience, to bring your beats to a professional quality.

Many men and women out there get suckered by software that claims that will help you build up the beats, but instead leaves you cold.
The the reality is that most beat-making software is lame.
They won’t let you construct out the nasty beats you desire because:

1. They use MP3s for samples.

That’s bad, because Mp3s are compressed files, they are certainly not professional quality.

Then, when you export them that they get compressed again which lowers the quality even more! This leaves you having a master track that is twice compressed and well below business standard.
If you try to play them in the club or sell them to your producer you’ll get laughed from, because they’ll sound like a bit kid made them off any 1970s cassette tape.

2. They don’t really give you enough samples.

In the event you just get a few dozens of MP3s to play with, you simply won’t be making a good defeat anytime soon.

3. The sample production values are as little as you can go

Its scraped together from amateur wannabe musicians which can make your beats sound like these folks were made on a phone keypad.

some. Far too technical and complex!

Most of them are so technical that nobody is ever planning to understand it!
In other words, other beat making software is definitely child’s play! I will make sure you don’t fall with the crap.

Is There A Online Beat Maker That Creates Beats Like Professionals? The Investigation Begins….

Is There Really A Online Beat Maker That Lets You Create Professional Beats?


Hello all! I have setup this website because I was in the same position you are in, I was struggling to produce high quality music, and beats with the options I had available.

There are many software, programs, and guides on how to make professional sounding music – Do any of them really deliver on what they promise?

I have been searching the web to try and find the best online beat making software available, for you and for me. I will notify you on my findings as soon as I find one that fits the needs of all of us. Maybe you are looking for a online rap beat maker, I will make sure the software I find includes everything.


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